Keep more of your money while Maximizing Internet Sales

Another innovation from Masterpiece Solutions. Stop paying ridiculous listing and consignment fees to online art auction websites like Artnet, Live Auctioneers, Sotheby’s or Christie’s. You now have the power to control your own online auctions with a few clicks inside of Version10. You pay no listing fee and only 3% commission when you sell. There is nothing like this for the art business, anywhere!

Online Auction

“There are two tidal waves that have shaped the economy in recent years: The Recession and a mammoth shift of buyers to the Internet. Online Auctions have seen a significant increase in traffic and sales. The challenge for the average gallery or artist has been that the costs to participate in these auctions has been extreme. Our answer is to put you in control of powerful tools that will allow you to reach a worldwide audience with MyOnlineAuction. We hope this will become the least expensive and most effective online auction tool, anywhere.”

Kevin Warr
Kevin Warr



This will publish an online auction directly to your website. You are now The Auction House! Conduct auctions when and how you choose. This option will require a subscription to Version10 and a Website Builder website. This is an optional service. Select your package.

  • Sales made through your online auction will be posted and tracked directly into your Version10 database. You will collect a huge list of people interested in art and interested in you. As a result, imagine how successful your future marketing campaigns will be!

Masterpiece Online™

Join thousands of Masterpiece customers on one of the largest online art marketplaces. This is a destination site for thousands of art collectors and enthusiasts. We conduct an online auction that runs 24 X 7 X 360. You can add and delete items from your inventory as you please. Best of all, you don’t have the figure out how to attract people to your auction. We do that for you. There is no additional subscription fees required and no listing fees for adding as many items as you like. You pay only 2% to us when you sell something.

  • If you have a subscription to a Version10 package, we’ll even post the transactions and all of the client contact details into your database.
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