Installing Silverlight on Mac OS X Using Safari

Masterpiece Manager Version10 is built on the same technologies as used in the popular media web site, Netflix. This includes a browser plugin called Silverlight. Silverlight is an application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications on both Windows PC and Mac OS X computers. If you are currently accessing Netflix from your computer you are ready to access MMv10. If not, you can follow the instructions below to download and install Silverlight.

Silverlight Download and Installation Instructions


Supported Browsers


Install Silverlight 5 with Mac and Safari:

1. Using Safari, open a new browser window and go to

2. You may already have an older version of Silverlight running on your computer. If this is the case, the Microsoft Silverlight site will tell you which installed version you are currently running. It will ask you to upgrade to the latest version, Silverlight 5.


3. To upgrade to the latest version, Silverlight 5, click on the blue Silverlight 5 link.

4. Once Silverlight 5 downloads, a message will appear telling you that this package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed. Click Continue.


5. Click Continue.
Image (1)

6. Click Continue to accept the Silverlight license agreement.

Image (1)

7. Next you must agree to the terms of the software license agreement. Select Agree.
Image (2)

8. Now you must select the volume where you want to install Silverlight. Select your Macintosh HD and click on Continue.
Image (3)

9. Click Install.

Image (4)

10. Installer might require you to enter in your Password. Enter your Name and Password, then click OK.

Image (5)

11. Click Close when he Install Succeeded box appears.
Image (6)