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Utilized by more than 1000 independent retailers worldwide, Masterpiece Art Gallery Software has been designed for gallery owners by gallery owners to increase the operating efficiency and simplify processes to give gallery owners and artists the freedom to focus on the art and not the paperwork. For nearly 15 years, Masterpiece Gallery Manager software has integrated point of sale, art inventory management , customer relationship management and dynamic art web sites. Masterpiece Gallery Manager Software has proven to be a competitive advantage to those art galleries and consignment retail businesses that use it.

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How It Can Help You

First, let's share some hard facts. During the recent (and ongoing) recession it is likely that between 15-18% of all art galleries and art businesses have or will fail. Discretionary spending, the life blood of the art business has evaporated. This has been a disturbing and chilling time.

With over 1000 art gallery customers using our products around the world, Masterpiece Solutions has been in a unique position to watch and learn from the difficulties our industry has faced. We want to share our findings in the hope of improving your chances of surviving this era. It has become enormously clear that there are basic operating tools and practices that provide art galleries with significant advantages.

With few exceptions those galleries that have survived, and in some cases thrived in 2008-2009 have possessed a concrete understanding of both their business operations as well as their customer's buying profiles. These galleries understood the basic operating fundamentals of their businesses.

If you're interested in understanding the specifics of how we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Client Testimonials

"Hi, I just wanted to write to express my gratitude on this great program, we have learned lots, and we are all really quite excited to experience how powerful it is. We can all see how easy this is going to be to get our inventory and accounting in order. It's great - thanks again." Lorraine M. Webster, Webster Galleries, Inc.

"I am delighted with the ease of use of your product. I had a fair amount of fear and apprehension prior to starting to roll yesterday but once the input ritual is started, you could probably train a chimp to do it. That is with minimal training and study on my part." Robert Sommers, Blue Heron Gallery

"We are in the midst of inventory, and my boss is absolutely enthralled with Masterpiece. She's seeing the end results. I am very proud of my personal efforts, and I remain profoundly grateful for your patience in getting us to this point. I know it's all part of what we are paying for, but you guys have been terrific, 'way beyond the call of duty, and I do appreciate it." Wirthmore Antiques, New Orleans, LA

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