The fastest growing Online Art Gallery and Auction — FREE

In 2009 we launched Masterpiece Online, an online art gallery simply as a way to promote our art gallery client’s business. Since then over 800 art galleries and 18,000 artists have listed and sold their art there. We created this online art marketplace for one reason — to create more business for you. It has worked. Every week we are generating countless new leads and sales for our clients. Masterpiece Online is massive(120,000+ titles), and it generates tremendous traffic. The search engines love Masterpiece Online and we’re doing everything we can to leverage this to make you more successful — after all, this is our mission.

We’ve completely redesigned Masterpiece Online to include online listings, sales and even a completely new auction! There is never a listing fee, so you can post your entire inventory if you like. And this is all done with a couple of clicks in Masterpiece Manager

Highlights of Masterpiece Online

FREE Unlimited Listings — List all titles as you like, for as long as you like — It costs you nothing
3% Commission on Sales — That’s it. And you pay only when something sells
Premier Online Art Collection — The vast majority of art is from curated gallery collections
Go Where the People Are — Millions of visits every month
Free Shopping Cart — Just sit back and watch the money deposited into your bank account
Works with Masterpiece Manager — Version11 manages all of the listings and captures all of the transactions
Synchronizes with your Website — Masterpiece Manager automatically synchronizes both locations

Finding NEW Customers — Closing NEW Sales

2 ways to make sales

Sell Directly to Online Customers

Select which items you want available for purchase and Masterpiece Online does the rest. As interested customers preview and select your inventory, they can add those they want to buy to the shopping cart. When they checkout, Masterpiece Online will process the payment and deposit the money directly into your bank account. That’s it. Could it be any simpler?

  • Sales made through your online auction will be posted and tracked directly into your Masterpiece Manager database. You will collect a huge list of people interested in art and interested in you. As a result, imagine how successful your future marketing campaigns will be!

Masterpiece Online Auction

Join thousands of Masterpiece customers in our new Online Auction. You set the terms of your auction listings, like a minimum bid and “buy now” prices. Then you click your mouse to add your items. The auction operates 24 X 7 X 365. You can add and delete items from your inventory as you please.

  • If you have a subscription to a Masterpiece Manager package, we’ll even post the transactions and all of the client contact details into your database.
Test Your Auction In Demo Mode