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A simple art gallery point of sale invoicing software that does it all!

Masterpiece Manager Version11 is a sophisticated POS system designed for the Art and Consignment industries. It will handle all of your sales, payment and invoicing needs. The software will also apply and report sales taxes. It will also track and report all consignment and commissions due and to which contacts they are owed.


Know your Customer’s Buying Habits!

Your customers are your greatest source of future sales. Masterpiece Manager keeps a complete history of everything your customers have purchased from you, when they bought and how much they spent. And it is automatic! If this isn’t part of your business practice today, you are falling behind those that do. This may be the most import data you own!

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QuickSale Technology

What if a customer wants to buy something you haven’t yet entered into inventory? Should they wait while you do? NO! Masterpiece Manager captures this information “on the fly” while you make the sale. This also lets you to get the most out of Masterpiece Manager the first day you use it. QuickSale allows you to simply enter the Title name and basic customer information at point-of-sale. As a result your books will be accurate and your customer will be happy. You can return to the transaction later to enter the artist’s name, medium, costs, etc.

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Process EVERY type of transaction

Use Masterpiece Manager POS to handle every type of art business transaction: Sales, Returns, Layaways, Installments, Approvals and Leases.

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Integrated Payment Processing

Masterpiece Manager Version11, in partnership with TSYS/Cayan, offers a seamless and secure PCI-DSS compliant processing solution for your Masterpiece Manager software. Process all major credit cards directly through Masterpiece Manager and see the monies deposited directly into your bank account. There is no need to pay for extra equipment or pay additional fees. Merchant Warehouse also offers a pricing guaranty as well as a $150 credit toward your fees when signing up. Get a Rate Quote and Services for TSYS/Cayan now!

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Unlimited Tax Rates

Use VMasterpiece Manager POS to accurately charge and track the local, regional and national sales taxes for your business. This includes local ordinance taxes like transportation, education of luxury tariffs. Masterpiece Manager even handles special tiered of graduated taxes.

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Transaction and Sales Reporting

After a transaction has been completed, the system saves you an enormous amount of time by calculating and tracking consignments, co-ventures (even if %’s vary by piece), sales commissions, and sales taxes on a timely basis. The report templates we supply are very comprehensive. However, all report templates are customizable. So if you want to rearrange the page, or add additional information, you have the power to do so.

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