Dynamic Websites

Our web sites update themselves in real-time as you do business!

To keep your website updated often means paying expensive web experts or double entry in content management systems. As a result most art websites are painfully out of date, stale and invisible to the Search Engines. We introduced QUICKLINK™, the first website automation tool for the art business in 2003. Since then we’ve built over 400 dynamic websites. Quicklink automatically publishes any or all of your Art Collection, Inventory, Images, Pricing, Artists, Biographies, Exhibitions, Events, and Company Information. You choose exactly what you want and do not want published to your website directly within Masterpiece Manager. Then just get back to work. As you conduct your daily business, your website will be updated with every change you make – AS YOU MAKE THEM!

View Art Gallery Website Templates

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2 Ways to Automate Your Website

  • Pick a Template and Customize: We have built hundreds of customer websites for art galleries, artists and antique store businesses. You can start with one of our templates and customize any way you like. We will document your needs and quote a fixed price for your authorization before we charge you anything.
  • Use your Own Website: If you currently have a website that you love, we will provide you with the simple tools that will allow it to integrate directly with Masterpiece Manager. For you techies out there, we do this through Web Services. We can either provide the instructions to you (and your developer) or we can simply do this for you. We’ll just charge you for the time required from our web development team.

Benefits of a Dynamic Website

  • Simply update your web content directly from Masterpiece Manager – and you don’t have to be a techie!
  • Ensures that your website remains up-to-date
  • Include Events, Shows, News and Special Information
  • Unlimited Artists, Images, and Titles!
  • Add and edit Artist Bios and Title Descriptions
  • Search Engines LOVE dynamic content
  • QuickLink simultaneously updates both our website and MasterpieceOnline
  • Allows easy control of your web content directly from your computer – and you don’t have to be a techie!

More Details of about Our Websites and Quicklink

  • Custom Web Address – We can register a new domain name for you, or transfer your existing domain. If you have already set up www.yourname.com, we can make all of this happen without you losing your domain.
  • Disk Storage Space and Data Transfer – It’s simple. If you’re using Quicklink™ to update your website, your disk storage space is Unlimited. You can upload as many images and titles to your website as you like for the same low monthly fee. And, your clients can download pictures and information from your site to their hearts content, because there are no data transfer fees either.
  • Web Statistics – Statistics allows you to track web usage statistics such as what domains are accessing the website; how many hits to the site, and how much data is being transferred.
  • Search Engine Optimization Masterpiece offers a complete on-page SEO Practice that is proven to help ensure that the SEARCH ENGINES and YOUR CUSTOMERS can find you. This is an optional service. Ask your representative for details.