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The Best Art Inventory Management Software

We know that managing inventory is the heart of any art gallery business. Having the tools to instantly determine the status of your inventory can mean the difference between getting the big sale and losing it to a competitor. Masterpiece Manager tracks every detail about every item in your art inventory. The system is designed to be simple and intuitive. Within minutes you will feel totally comfortable that you can manage your entire business.

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Quickly Search, Filter & Export your Inventory Data

Need a list of everything currently available from a particularly artist sorted in the order that you received it? Done! Masterpiece Manager provides all the tools you need to get just the inventory data you need, just when you need it.

Keyword Attributes

Art is unlike traditional retail inventory. Every piece is unique. Assigning keywords allows you to add the critical details to your inventory that allow you clients to learn what makes each piece special. Further, these keywords become critical data that turbo-charges your web site. Image adding a keyword search to your web site- allowing your clients to search and find exactly what they are ready to buy!

Item Descriptions & Note

Beyond the data each piece of art has a story to be told. We know this is really the reason why collectors invest in your business. Masterpiece Manager provides virtually unlimited abilities to add the special detail to every item that will appeal to just the right clients that want to take them home with them.

Unlimited Media, Categories & Sub-Categories

You will be able to create an unlimited number of categories, sub categories and mediums based upon the requirements of your inventory. This is a powerful feature that enables terrific flexibility to classify your collection exactly as you desire. This becomes a very powerful competitive advance when you connect your web site to your Masterpiece enabled web site. This allows you to create incredibly detailed search and browse options for your web site visitors.

Limited Editions, Unique Items, Open Stock and Services

One of the truly unique aspects of the art business is Limited Edition inventory. Masterpiece Manager was designed from the beginning to support limited editions. Each edition can be numbered and detailed based upon its unique attributes: Condition, restoration, enhancements, signed, pricing, etc. Additionally, Masterpiece Manager supports every kind of art inventory such as Unique works of open stock you may order over and over again. Lastly, if your business offers Services like restorations, consulting or framing, Masterpiece Manager has you covered.

Unlimited Images

We know how much we love to see the extra images of items we buy from Amazon. With items as special are your art collection should you provide the same convenience. Masterpiece Manager allows you to add unlimited digital images per item. Get every angle or special detail captured and added to your inventory. Your digital images are always available to display or print.

The Very Best Consignment Inventory Management Solution

Your consignment business is about people – both your clients as well as your consigned artists/vendors. Nothing creates more anxiety than issues in paying your consignors accurately. With Masterpiece Manager, managing your consignors has never been easier! Masterpiece Manager’s approach lets you easily and accurately track every aspect of your consignment business. Quickly view their inventory, review past payments, account activity and payout history. Add consignment inventory one at a time or in a batch. Pay consignors individually or in a batch as well. Masterpiece Manager will also allow you to determine when and how to pay a consignor; when the sale is made or when the invoice has been fully paid? Finally, Masterpiece Manager will generate monthly/quarterly/annual reports that will tell you exactly what to pay every consignor with all the necessary detail. When you are ready to pay, Masterpiece Manager will provide you a complete and beautiful consignment report that you can deliver to your consignors with each payment.

Quick Search & Item Management

Time is money. You don’t need the hassle of reviewing page after page of reporting to locate inventory items. With Masterpiece Manager’s QUICK search, tracking and adding inventory is a snap. Search by title, category, subject, sku or other keywords you enter in the search field. The more you type, the more concise your search becomes. Consignor inventories can be searched as a group or by an individual consignor. Plus, Store Inventory and Consignment Inventory can be tracked separately.

Adding inventory is quick and easy too. Masterpiece Manager lets you add inventory individually, as a group for a consignor or in bulk through our Fast Import tool.

Add Special Costs -Protect Your Profits

Have you ever needed to invest something into an item in order to help it sell. This might be a new frame or some restoration work. This cost must be added to the price of the item. This cost comes out of your pockets, not the consignor’s. If you add some margin to this update you certainly don’t want to share this profit with the consignor. Masterpiece Manager makes tracking this expense and the profit easy to manage.

Web Site Sync – Quicklink

Decide exactly what you want displayed on your web site with a single check-box.

To keep your website updated often means paying expensive web experts or double entry in content management systems. As a result most art websites are painfully out of date, stale and invisible to the Search Engines. We introduced QUICKLINK™, the first website automation tool for the art business in 2003. Quicklink automatically publishes any or all of your Art Collection, Inventory, Images, Pricing, Artists, Biographies, Exhibitions, Events, and Company Information. You choose exactly what you want and do not want published to your website. As you conduct your daily business, your website will be updated with every change you make – AS YOU MAKE THEM! No additional effort, and not extra expense.

You can make changes to your web site in real-time to your inventory individually or you can update the most common tasks in bulks through our Web Status Browser.

Masterpiece Manager has been designed specifically for art galleries & inventory management is the heart of the program.

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