About the first art gallery software company, Masterpiece Solutions, Inc.

Serving only Art Galleries and Art Professionals Since 1994

Our Mission

To help our clients succeed by delivering REAL and MEANINGFUL competitive advantage through technology

Utilized by more than 1200 independent art and consignment retailers worldwide, Masterpiece art gallery software and website solutions have been designed to specifically meet the needs of your business. The art and consignment industry have very unique and challenging requirements. We have been listening to our customers and continually investing in our software and website solutions in order to deliver for you. Our goal is to increase the operating efficiency and simplify processes to give gallery owners, consignment businesses and artists the freedom to focus on creativity and business… not paperwork. The results speak for themselves… our clients are more successful because they use Masterpiece. While a huge number of galleries and artists have gone out of business since the 2008 Recession, our client base has grown. With the combination of good business plans and the powerful management and marketing tools delivered by Masterpiece, many of our customers have, indeed THRIVED!

Masterpiece Manager Version11 is the future of art management. We can’t see doing business without it
David Wallis, Granary Gallery - Martha's Vineyard

Masterpiece Solutions was founded in 1994 by art gallery owners, James (“J”) and Gail Archer. The first software was built with the sole intention of making the founders lives more manageable and their art gallery in Breckenridge Colorado more successful. As word of their success grew, more and more gallery operators asked the Archers to share what they had built. Quickly it became obvious that there was a strong need in the market for a solution. Since that time Masterpiece Solutions has continued to build upon this solution. Since that time 11 versions of the software have been built. Each version is the result of hte direct feedback that we receive from our clients about what will make their lives and their businesses more successful.

Today, Masterpiece Manager Version11 is the most comprehensive, technically advanced and easy to use management and marketing software for art galleries, artists, antique dealers, collectors, craft and consignment stores, and museum gift shops. And we commit that for the next 15 years we will continue to improve our program and help art and consignment businesses throughout the world by delivering cutting-edge technology.

Masterpiece Solutions is proud to offer Masterpiece Manager Version11. This innovative art business solution is most complete, and intuitive solution available in the industry. It has been designed to operate nearly every function of your art or consignment business. Additionally, Masterpiece Manager leverages proven cloud-based technologies that have been time tested in other leading industries. For the first time, art and consignment businesses will have a truly comprehensive program that covers all aspects of operations — Hosted in the Cloud. This provides our customers with all of the benefits of the latest technical advances:

Available on any computer, tablet or mobile device

Access from any computer in the world connected to the Internet;

World-class security protection of the Amazon Cloud;

Online backup and failure protection of your data;

Elimination of costly and finicky hardware and networking issues in your business.

Masterpiece Manager leverages everything we’ve learned in 15+ years dedicated to this market in our complete suite of service: Point of Sales, Inventory Management, Quickbooks Accounting Integration, Consignment Payments, Email and Online Marketing as well as providing the gallery with dynamically Automated Web Sites. Masterpiece Manager also provides website templates, online auctions, detailed reporting, and our exclusive FREE online showcase for your art, crafts and antiques at Masterpiece Online.

Thank you for your interest in Masterpiece Solutions. Whether we do business together or not, we wish you and all those you care about the greatest success and happiness in the future.

Kevin Warr

President, Masterpiece Solutions