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Contact Management for the Art Business

Gain complete control of all you’re your Customers, Artists, Vendors, etc. Track all of sales, purchases and communications specific to each contact.

Record, report and market to your clients based upon their purchase history and even their Interests!

Customers that have done business with you before are your best source for sales in the future. Successful art businesses make Contact Management one of their top priorities.

Version10’s Contact Manager automatically tracks all of the key information associated with your business contacts. You can specify whether a contact is a Customer, an Artist, a Vendor (or possibly all three!) You can enter multiple addresses and phone numbers as well as any specific details about each contact. You can also keep the full history of your dealings with every contact: Every transaction with your customers or every work sold with your artists!

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How great would be to see the history of every sale ever made to every customer you’ve done business with? If you had this information you would have an incredibly powerful tool to build your successful marketing campaigns. For example, imagine being able to determine with a few key strokes everyone who has ever spent more than $1000 with you that lives within your state and loves the art style featured at your next open house with that Hot New Artist. With Version10 you don’t have to imagine it anymore!

Track every contact

  • By making Version10 part of your daily activies your business contacts will be added and updated as a result of just doing business. Adding a new piece of inventory? Then you just added an Artist to your contact list! Making a sale? Then you just added a customer!

No double entry or extra tools

  • With Version10 you don’t need any other contact management system. Everything you need to stay in touch and to leverage your contact list will be available in your art business software.

Create reports in many formats

  • With over 15 years of experience we have created dozens of reports we believe will help you do more business faster, more simply AND more profitably. Customers that have done business with you before are your best source for sales in the future. Six months from now, if you want to know all of the clients that purchased Contemporary Art, spent more than $3000 and live out of state… the system would do it all for you – with NO extra work. It will also print mailing labels, generate a merge file for your word processor or to send to your marketing partner. It will also generate an EMAIL list of people that match your search criteria.

No duplication of contacts or information

  • Version10 uses state of the art relational database technology to cross-reference all of your information, you never have a problem with multiple data entry.

Import your old contact lists

  • Version10 has a comprehensive and flexible contact import tool that will allow you to import all of your previous contact information directly into our art business software. NO NEED TO ENTER ALL OF THAT INFORMATION!

Email Broadcasting

Let’s say you plan to have an open house next weekend for one of your artists. Of course, you want to immediately notify all of the contacts you think might be interested. With Version10 Gallery Manager Software you can simply open our Contact Reporting utility and create a targeted list:

  • All contacts that have purchased works from this artist
  • Expressed an interest in this artist
  • Purchased artwork from a similar medium of category
  • Within the state or…
  • And paid over $XXXX for art in the past with you

Now, simply press a button and you have the list and you are ready to send out your campaign!
Our experience has been that one of the top reasons any art business invests in an art management software is to gain the ability to market effectively to their current and future customers. To do this effectively requires a fully integrated art gallery software that creates a relationship between your people and your business.
Version10 Gallery Manager Software was designed from the ground up to meet this challenge. The system will automatically relate each aspect of your operation. For example, when a purchase is processed, the system will automatically update Contact (clients, artists and/or vendor), Sales and Inventory databases (among others) without any additional work. This means there is no need for you to enter data more than once.
By just doing your business everyday in Version10 you develop a powerful contact management database that is your competitive advantage.