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Masterpiece Manager Software works with Virtually any Web Site

Keep Your Existing Art Gallery Website

If you have a website your love, or you want to use your own website design and development team to create a new website, don’t worry. Masterpiece Manager Version11 can still be used to automatically update all of the valuable data in your Version11 software to your website. We will use a Web Service to connect the Version11 database to your website.

Developer Documentation of our Web API

How Does it Work?

  • Simply by conducting your day to day business in the Masterpiece Manager software will keep your web site updated with exactly what you have detailed in your software. There is absolutely no double entry or need for technical resources. Your web site will be integrated with our software with an interface called a “Web Service”. This works with virtually any modern web site configuration. This is a software solution that allows your site to publish the information that you have entered into Version11.

  • Integrating the Web Service does require a skilled website developer. We will provide you and your team with all necessary documentation and samples of of the software code to be implemented. If you need a little help our team of IT professionals will be glad to jump in. We will simply charge an hourly rate for whatever time is required to properly integrate your website with Version11.

  • We are happy to host your web site on our servers. This does not change the fees that we charge and may eliminate a hosting fee that you are currently paying.

  • A word about WordPress… We will happily integrate with your existing WordPress web site, but we will not host on our servers. Though exceptionally easy to build and manage, WordPress web sites have known security gaps that can create risk for other web sites hosted on a server.


Website examples

What Can be Published to My Web Site?

You will be able to automatically publish virtually every piece of Inventory, Artist and Company data from your software to your web site. Any changes you make in your software will be immediately updated to your web site. Examples of the data are:

Inventory: Title, Images (unlimited) Subject, Category, Medium, Item Code, Artist, Vendor, Price, Dimensions, Quantity, Circa, Description and Provenance.
Artist: Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Image, Biography, Description, CV.
Company: Name, Logo, Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Map Location, Terms of Business, Description.