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Our web sites update themselves in real-time as you do business! Every Masterpiece art gallery web site template is fully integrated with the Masterpiece Manager software.

To keep your website updated often means paying expensive web experts or double entry in content management systems. As a result most art websites are painfully out of date, stale and invisible to the Search Engines. We introduced QUICKLINK™, the first website automation tool for the art business in 2003. Since then we’ve built over 400 dynamic websites. Quicklink automatically publishes any or all of your Art Collection, Inventory, Images, Pricing, Artists, Biographies, Exhibitions, Events, and Company Information. You choose exactly what you want and do not want published to your website directly within Masterpiece Manager. Then just get back to work. As you conduct your daily business, your website will be updated with every change you make – AS YOU MAKE THEM!

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In 2014, for the first time more web pages were viewed through mobile phones than from computers. As a result Google has changed the way it ranks web sites. This update has been given the nickname “Mobilegeddon”. Google now penalizes web sites that are not mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly web sites are designed to adjust the layout and display of information based upon what device is viewing it. If your web site is not mobile-friendly this means that Google is penalizing you and ranking you lower on search results.

The list of web sites below is not comprehensive, but is representative of over 450 art business websites we have built for our clients. These demonstrate our capabilities and the quality you can expect!


You can select from any of the templates listed as a starting point. The price of the template includes:
Mobile Friendly design
Full integration with Masterpiece Manager software
Content Management admin access for editing all pages
Custom changes to all font colors and styles
Custom changes to all menu options
Custom changes to all design colors & images
Keyword Site Search

You can also customize your new template to any degree you choose. Our web development team has worked with some of the largest and most demanding art businesses in the world. They can make real whatever you can imagine!

OPTIONS – You can also add any of our options to any of our website templates; like a Blog, a Shopping Cart or a Content Management System to edit your site. You can also optimize your site with our Onsite Search Engine Optimization Package.