Camp Enchantment

A portion of every purchase is donated to support Camp Enchantment for Children with Cancer

The Masterpiece Team recognizes our great fortune to work in a wonderful business with truly inspiring customers. Balance in our professional and personal lives is a big part of our company. Thankfully are all blessed with healthy families and children. We are also acutely aware that this is not the case for many who have been afflicted with illness – particularly children. As such, we feel a deep responsibility to help those that make a difference in the lives of children.

Camp Enchantment is such a place. For parents of children with cancer, often the greatest sadness is seeing the loss of joy, friends and normalcy in their kids lives. When we first learned of Camp Enchantment we were overwhelmed… then we were moved to help. We hope you will be too.

Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, with support from University of New Mexico’s Pediatric Oncology Program, Camp Enchantment is a weeklong reprieve for children who have survived cancer or are currently receiving treatment for the disease.

The camp is held in the Manzano Mountains near Torreon, New Mexico. The Camp is a week long, over night adventure! The camp does many activities like swimming, hiking, mountain biking, high ropes, crafts, and sports. What is really does is demonstrate to these children that they are not alone, and that their lives will continue to be full and joyful!

If you would like to give as well, please donate through the American Cancer Society – be sure to designate your donation is to go to “Camp Enchantment”!

I want to gratefully thank ALL OF OUR CLIENTS for helping us make a small difference in the lives of children.

Your Masterpiece Team – Jesse, Marlene, Lynee, Tim, Tom, Vivek, Jeff and Kevin