Masterpiece Manager and Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Why Amazon Web Services?

One of the primary reasons Masterpiece Manager has moved to a Cloud architecture and chose Amazon as our infrastructure provider was to protect our client data. Version11 has been built using the same primary technologies as Netflix. Our goal is to provide our customer the most robust and secure computing solution available. When considering our options for hosting our new products we explored the choices made by this tremendously successful technology company. What we found was the biggest, baddest cloud computing platform on the planet.


What does all of this mean to you?

The bottom-line is that every part of our systems and data is backed up in real-time. Further, Amazon has geographical redundancy, meaning they backup everything to multiple data centers across the global. As a result if the worst happened – like the data center where our primary servers are located, fell into the ocean we would be impacted for about 1 hour while both the servers and the data were replicated in Virginia (or Ireland, or Australia, or ….). At which point you and your business would be back up and running. Compare this to the security you feel now if your hard drive fails or lightning strikes your building and fries all of your electronics.

Your data is secure

Some of the largest financial and security organizations in the world, like NASDAQ and the CIA trust AWS to protect their vital information. Also, AWS provides the ability to quickly move our Version10 hosting environment from one data center to aother. As a result, if there is a catastrophic event, like an earthquake or a hurricane we will be able to keep your business running.

Your data no longer dies with your computer

Because your software and data are hosted in the cloud, there is no risk if your computer or network fails. Simply move to another computer connected to the Internet, and log back in!

Access your software and data anytime, from anywhere

There is nothing to download or install. That means you can access your Masterpiece software from any computer that is connected to the Internet

Lower upfront and ongoing expense

Because we don’t have to invest and maintain expensive data centers, we can price our services substantially below other providers. Further, because the entire software application is hosted in a single location, rather than installed onto each of our client’s computers, the support costs are greatly reduced. This is why our monthly subscription is so low, AND is includes unlimited training and technical support.

Some of the big names using Amazon Web Services Cloud

Companies using Amazon Web Services now.