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Masterpiece Solutions is teaming up with Amber Markay Consulting to provide Gallery Consulting Services to the galleries who use Masterpiece Software. Prior to opening Markay Gallery and continuing to run Artist Rep Team (A.R.T.), Amber Markay created gallery promotions and marketing solutions for dk Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Historic Marietta, Georgia, and also served as the Executive Director for The Branding Project, the marketing facet of Marietta’s downtown merchants during the rebrand of Historic Downtown Marietta.

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Amber Markay is a seasoned art professional offering expertise to galleries and artists. For galleries, she brings over 10 years of experience in building gallery brands, creating and marketing unique art events, and building relationships with artists and collectors to foster community engagement, sales and creative solutions to enhance the gallery and art collecting experience. Both new and established galleries rely on Amber Markay for guidance in decisions and business plans that help pave the way for gallery success.

This range of consultancy will help galleries launch with strength through targeted marketing and a unique approach to connecting with the community of art lovers, which is key. “The landscape of how art is sold and promoted has quickly evolved and galleries must ebb and flow with these changes. Instagram didn’t exist 10 years ago. Artists can now sell directly in ways they never could before. How does an art gallery compete with that? It needs to be different. It must. But how?” Markay continues, “These are the kinds of problem / solution scenarios we discuss in a consultation. To help a gallery stand out, I like to brainstorm different gallery experiences, like having a Virtual Reality booth at a gallery event where you “virtually” step inside a work of art. Making art fun and not stuffy is one of the most exciting parts of “the job” and it helps the gallery stand out and be remembered.”

In 2009, Markay launched Artist Rep Team (A.R.T), a boutique marketing and promotions agency built exclusively for galleries, artists, authors and creatives. “Being surrounded by creativity is inspiring.” Markay continues, “It is my passion and purpose to work with galleries and artists to help them reach their goals. Seeing my clients reach their goals is powerful, this is when I know I’ve done my job.” Markay chose Masterpiece Manager as the software company to run her own art business inventory system and she looks forward to adding Gallery Consulting to the gallery business offerings that Masterpiece already provides. Markay said, “It is so exciting to begin this new chapter in working with Kevin and his team at Masterpiece Solutions in bringing real-world expertise to help strengthen and grow art gallery businesses.”